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Executive summary Private company registered and licensed to operate by the URSB. Incorporated on 08.08.2016 as a company limited by...

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Acholi Ranch Project Brief

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY/INTRODUCTION ARIDEP  with support of international partners have already entered into a PPP arrangement to develop the ACHOLI RANCHES INTEGRATED...

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2000 Kms Acholi Roads Polymer Road

Muis Investment ltd have partnered with NuEnergy Giga Power TechnologyAfrica ltd to construct 2000kms(plus )worth usd 1. 2 Billion Dollars...

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About Us

Know Who We Are

Executive summary Private company registered and licensed to operate by the URSB. Incorporated on 08.08.2016 as a company limited by shares. Offices in Gulu, Bardege – Layibi Division, Gulu West Plot 23, Wilson Lutara Road P.O. Box 630 Operates in Eastern, central and Northern parts of Uganda. Vision To be...

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Muis Investments Limited will base all its managerial policies, decisions and actions on a set of fundamental principles and values

We build to last

Trophy donated by muis Investments Limited FOR THE Competition

We were privileged to be among the invited visitors at the grande final of the Angagura Sub county schools athletics competitions.
As Muis Investments Limited, we donated to each of the nine (9) schools that were in the competition the following;

  • Each school in the sub-county was given 2 balls, one for boys and another for girls.
  • Muis Investments Limited provided a trophy and 45 medals to be awarded to the winning school and the first 3 winners in every competition.
  • Muis Investments Limited provided a Tent for the officials and teachers during the competitions.
  • Muis Investments Limited bought sodas and water for the officials and pupils who participated in the competitions.
  • In addition to giving a trophy and medals to the winners, we also gave out a monetary package to whoever got a medal and the trophy winners.
  • We also contributed some funds to the support of the needy children that were spotted on the venue. (Gave out money to buy clothes)
  • We brought in our partners; #Mykajosh Engineering co. Ltd who also provided some logistics to the pupils of Angagura sub-county.
  • Muis was also able to donate 20 sports uniforms for boys and 20 sports uniforms to the girls. These were handed over to the sub-county chairperson.
  • MUIS also pledged to purchase a special uniform for the officials during sports events.
  • We also pledged to support the sub-county team while at the district level.
  • Etc

INVESTMENT FARMING (What Is an Investment Farm?)

An investment farm is an agricultural business operation that is purchased and operated with the intention of making a profit, or with the goal of creating a tax deduction for the owner. Agribusiness is the business sector encompassing farming and farming-related commercial activities.
As MUIS INVESTMENTS,  We have investment farms in many parts of the country. Our partners have invested in eucalyptus plantations, animal farming,  cash crop production and many other businesses.  We provide an investment avenue where local and foreign investors are able to effectively invest in commercial agriculture and even without there physical presence. 
At Muis Investments,  we offer services like management of farms for our clients, Recruiting and training of our business partners, Searching for land and suitable for proper growth of the crop, we source and advise on the type of seeds suitable for production, we offer advisory services to communities that are interested in commercial agriculture,  we provide farm inputs to our clients etc. Through our investment clubs, we also enable farmers acquire new skills and knowledge through exchange of ideas with fellow members. 



You cannot create reference without a dream. And to dream is to wage war. Your capabilities and achievements are seen at its end. Muis investments Limited as the company heads a strong economic growth mission. We see a new Africa in Uganda. The real pearl can be achieved without any economic, social, political or Geographical interference.

ARIDEP project will take years. To get into concept it took long hours, sleepless nights and very continuous movements with commitment. We are in an economic crisis. We have to fight with attitude, mind-sets, spiritual dependency, desires and motives to liberate our continent.

We have support from all sorts of people outside Africa, but we fail them. We have painted a very hard-to understand picture of Africa. Its one thing as a company we want to prove to others. We want to see a fair treatment of the funders, the donors and the beneficiaries. But, its never late to start doing the right thing. Much as we have lost it much, looking at our environment, our resources and so forth, on the other hand we may get to where the West is without doing the mistakes made to get where they are.

It real needs us as Africans to get involved in the making. God has placed us in the most right position. Its our selves to stamp our representation or simply rise up and get to the point. I have dedicated my entire time for these years and the coming years to contribute meaningfully to the national and continental transformation through this company project. Together with my team and partners, we do not discriminate anyone. It’s not only politics that will change Africa. Its not only technology. As we embrace them, we need proper knowledge of our values as Africans, promote them, as we have the right integrity, courage and energy for our transformation.​