We were privileged to be among the invited visitors at the grande final of the Angagura Sub county schools athletics competitions.
As Muis Investments Limited, we donated each of the nine (9) schools that were in the competition the following;

  1. Each school in the sub-county was given 2 balls, one for boys and another for girls.
  2. Muis Investments Limited provided a trophy and 45 medals to be awarded to the winning school and the first 3 winners in every competition.
  3. Muis Investments Limited provided a Tent for the officials and teachers during the competitions.
  4. Muis Investments Limited bought sodas and water for the officials and pupils who participated in the competitions.
  5. In addition to giving a trophy and medals to the winners, we also gave out a monetary package to whoever got a medal and the trophy winners.
  6. We also contributed some funds to the support of the needy children that were spotted on the venue. (Gave out money to buy clothes)
  7. We brought in our partners; #Mykajosh Engineering co. Ltd who also provided some logistics to the pupils of Angagura sub-county.
  8. Muis was also able to donate 20 sports uniforms for boys and 20 sports uniforms to the girls. These were handed over to the sub-county chairperson.
  9. MUIS also pledged to purchase a special uniform for the officials during sports events.
  10. We also pledged to support the sub-county team while at the district level.
  11. Etc


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