Executive summary

  • Private company registered and licensed to operate by the URSB.
  • Incorporated on 08.08.2016 as a company limited by shares.
  • Offices in Gulu, Bardege – Layibi Division, Gulu West Plot 23, Wilson Lutara Road P.O. Box 630
  • Operates in Eastern, central and Northern parts of Uganda.


To be a model firm in creating financial freedom in people as we focus on
nature preservation and community engagement.


To provide quality, market – driven agriculture products and services and
professional skills, in its endeavor to contribute meaningfully to the global
environmental preservation as we develop human capital in Uganda, Africa
continent and the entire World.



  • To establish and manage commercial plantations to meet the growing demand for quality wood products emanating from sustainable forest management.
  • To promote environmental protection, through the conservation of soil resources, the protection of water sources and the enhancement of biodiversity and sustainable species.
  • To develop a commercial scale nursery for the provision of improved species, to reduce the reliance on locals, and promote the transformation of local knowledge.
  • To introduce modern apiculture in communities and educate people on profit multiplication in their existing forests.
  •  To facilitate socio-economic development of the local communities through:
  • Creation of direct and indirect employment opportunities
  • Income generation from the sale of our products, The Club will commit 10% of the seasonal revenue funds to community development projects, to be decided upon by village committees.
  • The promotion and development of community forest plantations by provision of improved seedlings and technical advice, thus reducing pressure on existing forestland 
  • Supporting infrastructure development within the region, including the construction of roads, bridges and the provision of clean water sources


An open opportunity to invest in agriculture to everybody in the world. Ugandans
and non-Ugandans can invest in our project platform.
A member registers and is given an identification number and an account.
Select a package to invest in.
Bank an equivalent to the selected package either in a single deposit or
The company will do for you the following;
1. Update your account and brand your package as defined herein.
2. Search and procure for you an equal size of land and handover documents to
3. Improve infrastructure and develop the land.
4. Do scientific search on your portion for suitable tree species.
5. Buy seedlings, plant, care and also stock bees on a fixed percentage of 12%
to the investor and harvest.
6. Manage your estate for a period of fifteen years and there after handover it to
7. Facilitate you in a team to do site visits twice every year.
8. Procure your products as per the given contract.
9. Buy off out of contract packages if the owner wants to sell.
10.Train basic management skills and economics of agriculture.
11.Insure your project for the time it’s in our control.

Message from the CEO

We are in an economic crisis. We have to fight with attitude, mind-sets, spiritual dependency, desires and motives to liberate our continent.
We have support from all sorts of people outside Africa, but we fail them. We have painted a very hard-to understand picture of Africa. Its one thing as a company we want to prove to others. We want to see a fair treatment of the funders, the donors and the beneficiaries.
But, its never late to start doing the right thing. Much as we have lost it much, looking at our environment, our resources and so forth, on the other hand we may get to where the West is without doing the mistakes made to get where they are. simply rise up and get to the point. and continental transformation through this company project. Together with my team and partners, we do not discriminate anyone.
It’s not only politics that will change Africa. Its not only technology. As we embrace them, we need proper knowledge of our values as Africans, promote them, as we have the right integrity, courage and energy for our transformation.

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