ARIDEP  with support of international partners have already entered into a PPP arrangement to develop the ACHOLI RANCHES INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ECHO PROJECT that will see the creation of infrastructure and economic project in terms of VALUE ADDITION that will go to boost industrialization, tourism, fishing, farming, mineral processing and upcoming commercial development in the region.

The ACHOLI RANCHES INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ECHO PROJECT is submitted as a Privately Initiated Investment Proposal in accordance with the provisions of articles of the PPP Act Government of Uganda. ACHOLI RANCHES INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ECHO PROJECT is line with vision 2040 and Strategic Plan 2020-2027.

ARIDEP aim is to open up the interland and create wealth and employment opportunities in Acholi land
ARIDEP project intends to make Acholi land area a future industrial hub, mining hub, an agricultural center and a fishing zone for Uganda and Africa with its proposed support infrastructure program and development.

is to open up the Coastal area and the northern corridor in Kenya in terms of :-
1. Development of Animal husbandry that will see introduction of new breed of cattle(gir
cows), goats and sheep.
2. Development of Industrial park for agriculture and heavy industries for Industrialization
purpose i.e creating of heavy smelting industries ,
3. Creation of agricultural hub and industrial plants related within the industrial park.
4. Feedlot development and abattoir of at least 800 cattle, 1000 goats and 300 sheep per
5. Modern Industrial mining activities and various assembly plants.
6. Water generation and distribution for industrial , irrigation, domestic and agriculture in
7. Power generation for industrial and domestic use.
8. Infrastructural growth in terms of roads, railway and aviation industry.
9. A Vibrant Hotel and tourist industry that will support tourism and the national parks.
10. Heavy industries industrial park for smelting purpose and components manufacturing.
 Source of cheap Power and water generation for industrial, domestic, irrigation and agricultural
use for the entire Coast and Northern Kenya
 Agricultural growth through rotational farming as a source of raw material for processing
agricultural products by value additional.
 Create market for agricultural products already being produced and encourage farmers in Acholi
district to grow more crops.
 Creation of modern agricultural storage facilities for both large scale and local farmers.
 Introduction of modern farming with new breeds of animals and other crops that can be grown.
 Improving of food security in terms of improving agricultural growth in irrigation, food production
and animal husbandry.
 Modern and heavy Industrial Mining and for lead, zinc, silver, nickel, copper, iron ore ,
manganese, gypsum etc.
 Provide space for Industrial park and general infrastructure with cheap power and water.
 Value addition in Heavy smelting Industries through Component Manufacturing of various metal
products like steel pipes, aluminum copper cathodes etc.
 Supply plants and machinery in the industrial park for various commodities ranging from steel,
electronics, vehicles, tractors, heavy equipment etc.
 Inter Model transport herb for roads, trains, Aero planes and railway to connect the whole
Country especially northern corridor.
 Technical education hub for technical education to support agriculture and the industrial park.
Main aim of project
The main purpose of this project is to transform the region and bring development
through :-
• Use of appropriate funding.
• Generation of cheap power and fresh water production through SEA WATER
• Irrigation systems, water distribution network and storage facilities.
• Use of appropriate Technology and transfer.
• Development of support Infrastructure.
• Wealth creation through Value addition.
• Improved agriculture practices.
• Develop fishing at the sea and also fish farming.
• Employ waste management system to ensure zero waste.
• Improved Food security
• Employment opportunity.
• Markets of products produced in Acholi.
Target development
Energy generation targeting 4,000mw (plus)
Water harnessing through water desalination and water boreholes.(2million Cubic meters daily)
Irrigation and Water distribution and storage through dams, pipelines, canals, water pans etc.
Industrial park development.
Dry port and storage facilities including silos and petroleum products.
Heavy mineral smelting industries and components manufacturing.
Agriculture Industries & value addition.
Feedlots and new breeds of cattle, sheep and goats.
Modern slaughter house.
 Mining of minerals in Acholi district for Industries
Rotational farming, floriculture and any Agri- Business
Fishing in rivers, aqua and processing plants.
Polymer Roads construction.
International Cargo and passenger.
Railway lines and wagons.